With the social development,people are attaching more and more importance to health. Food safety is a main element influencing the people’s health which has always been taken as a big thing by foreign food manufacturers and supervision dept. Food packaging,particularly,the packing material directly contacting the food, is directly related to the food health,futher to the physical health of human. hence there’s very strict requirement in food packing material in foreign countries in terms of the technical properties and health safety .in recent years, China have also reinforced the health safety requirment on process of food production . against this background,it’s so important to use the food packaging material with food health safety. as the main packing materia,BOPET film has the following merits:
①Good mechanical properties, 3-5 tims impact strength other films, endurable in folding .
②Good endurance with oil,fat,olefine acid and most of the solvents.
③Good endurance with extreme temperature. usable in long term in 120℃,in short terms, workable in 150℃ ,down to -70℃,very little effect on the mechanical properties.
④Low gas and vapor permeability, good barrier properties on water,oil and smell improving the shelf life .
⑤High clear film, UV absorption ,high glossy film.
⑥no poison , no smell ,good heath safety property, used in food packaging directly.
Consumers attach more and more importance to the food packing health requirement, esp. in shelf life , freshness and anti bacteria properties. so demand on good performance PET film is increasing .this improves the food packing recent years in choosing the packaging material, more emphasis was put on properties of the material , this has accelerated the development of the PET film.
Oxygen permeability is a important element in choosing food packaging material,for well sealed food pouch, the shelf life of the food is up to the oxygen permeability.particularly for the vacuum packaging and anti oxygen packing material.BOPET has a excellent gas barrier property,under the room temperature, the shelf life of the Bopet packed food is twice the Bopp. Besides, Alu.plated Bopet Film has a better performance in terms of insulation on oxygen and damp proof than Bopp film. the damp permeability of Alu. plated Bopet film will go down to 0.3~0.6 from 40~45.Versus Bopp, 0.8~1.2 down from 5~7.(g/mm2.24h.40℃ with Alu. thickness 60~70mm)
The extensive application of Bopet film in packaging improves the strength ,reduecs packing material per unit weight and pollution.meanwhile,it also enlarges the temperature range,e.g from packing for frozen good to high temp boiled food.with the excellent temperature endurance properties(long term use in 120 ℃) ,it could be used for microwave oven . with the fast pace of modern life , microwaved food will enjoy great popularity among the people.
Bopet film is the best material for silican dioxide vacuum plating.silicon dioxide film is made by applying the glass film onto the BOPET film,i.e. the barrier property is created by glass layer. so in order to keep the barrier property during deposition process and in using later,the glass layer must be protected from being damaged. the application and development of high barrier BOPET- film -vacuum -deposite -silica -oxide -material also prompted food packing indutry to a direction of a high transparency ,more practicality,environment friendliness material .the vacuum deposit silica dioxide bopet film is also called soft glass, it has the same function with the glass bottles in keeping the flavor and will not creat any smell after long time storage or a high temp treatment and enjoys a Al property in barrier function. the film features the same transparency after slica the food could be seen clearly from the packaging which prompts the desire of the buyers.
No other organic additives are added in BOPET film production , and it’s also a recycled material wich makes it a healthy , environmental friendly packaging material.

Post time: Jan-09-2021