Currently, the BEF film technology is monopolized by 3M ,for TFT LCD, Merck in Germany attempted to break this situation, the method is to form spiral gradient in the film by diffusing the light inductive chemical compounds by Mr.D.J.Broer , Holand, to make N.phase BEF film.but this method has to be decarded due to reflection and transmittence wave band not being able to cover the whole light visible wave band.
Mr.Yanghuai, Beijing Technology University has made a breakthrough in technology , breaking the monoply of 3M, successfully brings out N*LC BEF features only 1 layer coating ,whereas hundred layers for 3M; the cost is only 40% of 3M versus light utilization over 70%, 10% higher than 3M. and big area film is easier to be made than 3M.

Post time: Jan-09-2021