The market of Optical PET film is of great potential: With the rapid development of FPD, energy saving tech. and PV industry, the optical PET film displays a strong superiority.For LCD,at least 7-8pcs of optical PET film have to be employeed (2 diffuser film, 1 prisim film, 2 retardation film,1 anti glare film, 1 shielding conducting film).Digital imaging and FPD has been the global trend of development. as the key material for LCD, Optical PET film enjoys a great potential market.
Optical PET film market analysis
It’s said there are only a few companies being able to produce optial PET fil for LCD application due to the high requirement on quality and technology. Mitsbishi and Toray have taken around 90% market share for optical PET film for polarizer application. another 4 Japanese companies are monopolizing the optical PET film for BLU. Besides, Korea companies are also striving to join into this market.
Mitsubishi Boasted the PET film production capacity around 220 thousand Tons per year, among which Santo in Japan takes 80 thousand tons, 55 thousand tons by Germany, US,65 thousand tons, Indonisia 20 thousand tons.Mitsubishi takes 27% global market share of optical PET film, it’s also the only maker in Japan doing the optical PET film.In order to cater to the increasing requirement for optical PET film, Mitsubishi plans to add a 40 thousand tons production line which will make Mitsubishi the biggest optical PET film manufacturer in the world with an expected investment around RMB 20 billion(USD 233 Mil.) so as to solidify its position as the largest optical PET film maker.
Optical PET film market analysis in China
With the development of LCD TV oriented home appliance , Asia has been gradually became the new focus though the core tech. is invented in US. Now Japan, South Korea, Chinese Mainland, China Taiwan are the countries representing the world level. China gradually catches up later though with a late start up.The application of optical film in home applicance become more and more extensive.

Post time: Jan-09-2021