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●Lucky Digital Professional Color Paper, Type: Sa-26, Sa-60. Surface: Glossy/Luster
The photo paper surface is bright and smooth, with crystal clear texture.
Brilliant and bright image effect, perfectly showing the photographer’s masterpiece.
The image is clear and bright, perfect for lay flat bookbinding ,especially suitable for professional portrait works.

SA-26 GLOSSY/LUSTER/SILK 8.9cm/10.2cm/12.7/15.2cm*183m;      17.8cm/20.3cm/25.4cm/30.5cm/50.8cm/62.2cm/76.2cm*86m;                101.6cm*50m;106.7cm*2946m *The photo paper surface is bright and smooth,with crystal clear texture.
* Brilliant and bright inage effect,perfectly showing the photographer’s masterpiece.
* The image is clear and bright,especially suitable for professional portrait works.
SA-36 METALLIC 10.2cm/12.7/15.2cm*175m;
* Soft metallic color for an unparalleled high quality image.
* Unique protective layer to make the paper have higher scrach resistance.
* With the perfect combination of lucky PHOT film,it can create high-end luxury portrait photography products.
SA-60 GLOSSY/LUSTER 8.9cm/10.2cm/12.7/15.2cm*183m;      17.8cm/20.3cm/25.4cm/30.5cm/50.8cm/61cm/76.2cm*86m;                  101.6cm*50m;106.7cm*2946m * Designed according to consumers’aesthetic habits,tailored for professional portrait photofraphy products.
* Irregular graininess on the surface of the paper,make the inage color softer,the level is more abundant,delicate hand feeling,not reflective,no fingerprints.
* The exquisite and gorgeous silk texure makes the inage three-dimensional, especially suitable for high-end wedding photo studio prpducts.
SA-61 MATTE 10.2cm/12.7/15.2cm*183m;      17.8cm/20.3cm/25.4cm/30.5cm/50.8cm/61cm/76.2cm*86m;                  101.6cm*50m;106.7cm*2946m * Special matte coating technology,360°all-round non-reflective light,naturally showing feminine quality.
* The touch is as smooth as the baby’s skin.
Post-processing does not require laminating,which saves cost,is environmentally safe,and solves the problem of album sticking.

●Lucky D-Max Digital Professional Color Paper, Type:Sh-8. Surface: Glossy/Luster/Silk

SH-8 paper exclusively created for more professional use. After special coating, D-max of the photos has increased significantly which near to the quality level of Fuji DPII and Kodak endure. It offers the widest color gamut, maximum density for deep blacks and excellent color saturation than

SH-8 GLOSSY/LUSTER/SILK 8.9cm/10.2cm/12.7/15.2cm*183m;      17.8cm/20.3cm/25.4cm/30.5cm/50.8cm/61cm/76.2cm*86m;                 101.6cm*50m;106.7cm*2946m * the unique texture creates an elegant artistic atmosphere in all directions,in addition to the visual enjoyment,it also gives a different experience to the touch,especially suitable for high-end portrait output.
* Optimized coating formula makes the paper bleach faster,with more stable performance,more pure whiteness,and less fading

●Lucky Double Side Digital Photographic Paper

DF LUSTER 20.3cm/25.4cm/30.5cm/50.8cm*80m; * Double-sided imaging,massive photo storage capacity for light and flimsy photo albums.
* PP paper base,waterproof and tearproof,especially suitable for album products in children’s photo studio.
* The skin color is truly natural and rich in layers,with better baby photo imaging performance.


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